The Rotary Club of LaPlace presented "Fourth Graders Meet the American Flag" to the students at the Lake Pontchartrain Elementary School on September 29. 2016.  Pictured are Rotarians Sheriff Mike Tregre and Clerk of Court Eliana DeFrancesch demonstrating how to properly fold the US Flag.
Each year the Rotary Club of LaPlace makes the flag presentation to the fourth grade classes in all 12 of the elementary schools in St John the Baptist Parish.  The presentation covers the history of the US Flag, how to properly display the flag, how and why we show respect to the flag, and how to properly dispose of a flag after it becomes too tattered to be used.  A new flag is also presented to each school for display on their flagpole at the end of the presentation.  This is the ninth year that this presentation has been given to the St John Parish schools.