Wayne Norwood, owner of the Louisiana Treasures Museum, spoke at the January 3, 2017, meeting of the Rotary Club of LaPlace.  He talked about the origin of many of the artifacts in the museum and the history of the area between Manchac and LaPlace in St John Parish. 
Wayne Norwood discussed who the area settlers were, how they lived, and transportation methods available to them.  The settlements in this low lying area south of Manchac were destroyed by a storm and flood on September 29. 1915.  Mr Norwood authored a book, "The Day Time Stood Still," based on conversations with Helen Slusher Bird, a survivor of that storm. 
The Louisiana Treasures Museum is located in Ponchatoula, LA, houses displays of native American artifacts, a large bottle collection, a collection of army artifacts from the area, and other miscellaneous items found in the bayous of St John Parish.  It also contains a memorial to law enforcement officers slain in the line of duty.  The museum was flooded in the 2016 floods and is in the process of being restored.  More information can be found at www.louisianatreasuresmuseum.com