The skit, "Fourth Graders Meet the American Flag" was presented to the fourth grade classes at LaPlace Elementary School on October 6th.  Pictured are the Rotary members Mary Lynn Alltmont, Eliana DeFrancesch, Mike Tregre, Gordon Taylor, Constance Woods, Harry Glidden, and Betty Martin.  Also pictured are two fourth grade teachers and the students that successfully answered questions about the flag at the end of the skit.
The Rotary Club of LaPlace presents this skit to all of the fourth grade classes in St John Parish each year.  The skit provides information on the history of the American Flag, the proper way to display the flag, and how and why to show respect to the flag as a symbol of our country and the many lives that have been sacrificed under this flag to preserve our freedom.  This presentation has been done for over eight years.