The Rotary Club of La Place purchased Lake Pontchartrain Elementary School Fourth Graders Sweatshirts with the Rotary Logo.  The funding for the sweatshirts was paid for by the 2020 Rotary International District (RI) 6840 District Grant.  The 2020 - 2022 RCOL President, Lucien Gauff III, is pictured with the Principal of Lake Pontchartrain Elementary, Dr. Shelly Chauvin.   The Rotary Club of La Place Rotarians continue daily providing "Service Above Self" to the children and adults in St. John The Baptist Parish.
The Rotary Club of La Place purchases school Sweatshirts with the Rotary Logo for one of the Public Schools in St. John The Baptist Parish every year.  The Rotarians receive the number of people and sweatshirt sizes information from the school administrators and teachers. The Rotarians distribute the purchase the Sweatshirts from ASA P Monograms in September and distribute the Sweatshirts in early October.  The recipient school that was on the schedule for the 2020 - 2021 School Year was Lake Pontchartrain Elementary.  Thank you to the RI District 6840 Grants Committee for the funding and the RCOL for their help and support.  Keep on keeping on!